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Modern companies have to cope with diminishing resources, growing security threats, and rapid technological change. With all of these obstacles, it's crucial to keep your IT systems working effectively. We are known for offering innovative IT solutions for diverse industries, including sciences, applied mathematics, engineering, and technology.

Our IT consulting experts specialize in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), and Enterprise Architecture. We enhance your business by utilizing flexible suites and agile software coupled with path-based design and development.

By optimizing your IT systems, you free up time for your organization to concentrate on your core business. Rely on us to manage the intricacies of building high-quality, cost-effective, and on-time IT solutions.


By forming strong relationships with other related companies, we have opened up new avenues for our clients to take advantage of that expands their capabilities. Learn all about our partnerships with these cutting-edge companies.

Transcend Technology Group (TTG)

is an international Business management and Technology Consulting firm providing strategy and solutions across Cloud, Analytics, and Security and in-country representation and management for US companies desiring operations in Hyderabad, India. TTG is based in Cary, NC, USA and Hyderabad, India. We serve customers throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East ranging from small companies to the largest enterprises.

National Energy Partners, LLC

National Energy Partners, LLC provides energy solutions with the installation and operation of photovoltaic (PV) systems. These systems are distributed to commercial customers through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). When you take advantage of a PPA, NEP will develop, build, own, and operate a PV system at your business. The generated power is provided to you at a lower price than your current power bill — and this price is guaranteed long-term.


PITech solutions

PiTech offers a comprehensive set of Enterprise Inelegance services to help clients align business strategy to improve businesses performance.

PiTech experience covers a range of business sectors leveraging its strong partnership with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAS implemented on the latest Data Base technologies from these leading vendors.

Find out more at  PI TECH SOLUTIONS

Prism Global Primary Services - CIO Advising & Strategic Sourcing

Within a relatively short timeframe, the world of technology has vastly changed. The role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) is similarly evolving along with each advancement in technology. When the role first emerged, CIOs were often the only person in the office with any technical expertise, and therefore, they performed a lot of troubleshooting. However, now that most people have a base technological knowledge, the responsibilities of CIOs have changed. The CIOs of today must turn IT into an internal agent of change, allowing their business to grow and prosper. By aligning their company's technological capabilities with their business needs, CIOs are able to create new levels of functionality.

Peoplelink, LLC

Effective communication is essential for making your business as successful as possible. However, many companies struggle to communicate securely, both in real time and over devices. In order to address these common concerns, we've partnered with Peoplelink, a global company that offers unified communications solutions. By taking advantage of this revolutionary platform, you and your colleagues will be able to communicate and collaborate using a single, unique, mobile platform. This easy-to-use system redefines video conferencing by using minimal bandwidth while remaining secure.

Cyd Campbell, MD, FAAP - Medical Expert

Dr. Campbell is a Board Certified Pediatrician and experienced health plan Medical Director with expertise in Medicaid programs, manage care leadership, pediatrics special needs, and behavioural health.

Her background includes serving as Chief Medical Officer for 10 years of a Medicaid Health Plan specializing in case management services for children and young adults with special healthcare needs, and as a Medical Director of a Medicaid health plan for 3 years serving 60,000 adults and children.

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